A new page

When I look back at the journey I had to accomplish to become who I am, I can’t think of anything negative. Despite stumbling, falling and being pushed to the ground, I always believed in better. But most important I learned how to stay motivated and fulfill each of my projects.

I faced racism, I lost some friends (some really good friends), I had my heart broken several times and I joined a multinational turned into a sect.These would have been excuses to start a long therapy and buy books on how to reconnect me, myself and I, but these events happened for a reason. And I think that it’s important for people to see the good in the bad and restart believing when hope is gone.

So how do you start that process? What makes you write a new chapter? My answer is… a new page. Think about it, you have been writing drafts for years, unstructured pieces of your ambition and success and you wasted time. A huge amount of time. Now, you have to take a blank page, a pen and follow the same rules that writers have to follow when they write a new book:

1. Synopsis

Outline your project without lying to yourself. If your project is to become a professional football player and you spend your days in bed instead of training, your last chapter can’t end by “he won the world cup and played happily ever after in Qatar with a $15M annual salary”.

2. Avoid monologue

Haven’t you noticed that in books the most exciting parts are dialogues? And in order to fulfill you project, you will need to talk to some people. Colleagues, mentors, investors, family,… you have to name the main characters of your projects.

3. Punctuation

Comma, exclamation mark, brackets, question mark,… they all give rhythm to the lecture. In the case of building a project, you will need to use them to take break, identify important steps or anticipate on other people’s questions.

4. Language

My dear friend, you have to stop cutting words to their 1st syllables to save time and write faster. Do not neglect your communication by thinking that everybody will understand you if they read your project plan. Each word matters and in real life those are you steps.If Mary Poppins managed to sing “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, you can easily detailed each step of your project and spell them until the last letter.

5. Read out loud

Do not keep things to yourself when you’re done writing. You did and amazing job and now it’s time for you to share you project and inspire people. Therefor, like an author, gather those who helped you and those who will be enchanted by your project and share your vision.

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